Đại Lý Ủy Quyền Zenitel Việt Nam

Giới thiệu tính năng chính:

  • Vandal resistant IP intercom (Tương thích chuẩn IP)
  • Background noise cancellation (Chống nhiễu)
  • Built to last with robust die-cast aluminum frame (Được chế tạo với khung nhôm đúc mạnh mẽ)
  • Ideal for Building Security and Public Environments (Lý tưởng cho việc xây dựng an ninh và môi trường công cộng)

Ứng dụng: Ga tàu điện ngầm, Sân Bay, Hải Cảng, Tòa Nhà,...

Kích thước:

Thiết bị cùng tính năng được ZENITEL Việt Nam Phân Phối (Liên hệ: 0918 364 352)


Item Number: 1008111010

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Item Number: 1008111030

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Item Number: 1008111901

Đại Lý Zenitel Việt Nam

SPL rated power at 1m 90 dB
Noise cancelling - suppression of musical noise YES
Noise cancelling - suppression of static noise YES
Codecs G.711, G.722, G.729
Frequency range, G.722 Codec 200 Hz – 7000 Hz
Audio technology Modes: Full open duplex, switched open duplex,
  Adaptive jitter filter
  Custom Ringing Tone
  Audio Mixing – Conversation and Group Call
  Sound Level Detection / scream alarm (only in AlphaCom)
  Automatic gain control (microphone)
Internal speaker amplifier Class D
Microphone technology Digital MEMS, omnidirectional microphone
Automatic Volume Control (AVC) Undistorted and clear audio
Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) Prevents audio feedback even at high volumes (95dB)
10W Speaker Matches 10W amp for distortion-free broadcast level sound


Ethernet connector 1 x RJ45
All other connectors Tool less, spring loaded, vibration proof terminals
General inputs and outputs 6 (configurable)
Outputs 12mA as LED drivers
Change-over relay (NO+NC+COM) Max: 250VAC/220VDC, 2A, 60W
Power options PoE and or external power supply
PoE (power over Ethernet) IEEE 802.3af standard, Class 0 (0.44W to 12.95 W)
External power supply 24 VDC (16 – 48 V)
Power consumption 2.8 W
Audio line out / Induction loop signal 0 dBu / 600 Ohm
Button backlight LED
Call indication Icons/colors for hearing impaired


Dimensions (HxWxD) 117 x 117 x 39 mm
Dimensions after flush mount 117 x 117 x 5.5 mm
Weight 0.3 kg
Button material 3 mm / 0.12” Polycarbonate (transparent)
Faceplate material 2 mm / 0.12” PMMA, colour printed on back side
Base / frame material 3 mm / 0.12” Aluminum alloy - A413.0, AlSi12Fe, painted
Electronics cover material Polycarbonate (translucent)
Loudspeaker poke protection, large diameter objects Thermoplastic faceplate with machined grille
Loudspeaker poke protection, small diameter objects Stainless steel mesh, acoustically transparent


Protocols IPv4 (with DiffServ), SIP, TCP, UDP, HTTPS, TFTP, RTP, SRTP, DHCP, SNMP, Vingtor-Stentofon CCoIP® , NTP
LAN protocols Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 a-f), Network Access Control (IEEE 802.1x)
Management and operation HTTP/HTTPS (Web configuration), DHCP and static IP + STENTOFON Pulse™, Remote software upgrade, Centralized monitoring
Advanced supervision functions E.g network test, tone test, status reports (only in AlphaCom)
SIP Support RFC 3261 (SIP base standard), RFC 3515 (SIP refer), RFC 2976 (SIP info), SIP using TLS, RFC 5630 SIPS URI scheme
DTMF Support RFC 2833, 2976 (SIP info)


Ingress Protection rating IP-42
UV-resistant YES
Operating temperature range -25° to 70° C / -13° to 158 ° F
Storage temperature range -25° to 70° C / -13° to 158 ° F
Relative humidity < 95% non-condensing
EMC EN 55022 Class B
Certificates UL 60950-1, cUL 60950-1, CB to IEC 60950-1


Country of manufacture Poland
IP adress information Speaks IP address after system boot