DL105AXX Appello X Recordable Sounder & Xenon Beacon- Còi đèn báo cháy kết hợp - E2S Việt Nam


The DL105AXX Appello user recordable unit enables
the recording of any type of content such as voice or music that can be played back at CD quality output at SPL’s of up to 102dB(A) at 1 metre. This content can be reproduced repeatedly, alternating with or without one of the built-in 45 alarm tones. The alarm tone notification has an output of up to 110dB(A) at 1 metre.

For multiple unit installations the recording process is only required once to create a master unit which can then be used to program all other AL105NAX units
on the system, guaranteeing synchronisation during
playback, using the supplied ‘Synch’ cable.

  • Direct content storage on non-volatile memory.
  • CD quality reproduction.
  • Message length: 4 × 30 seconds
  • Easy message creation with built in microphone or line-in audio input.
  • Volume controls for user content and alarm tones.
  • Available with custom tone configurations
    and frequencies.
  • 5J Xenon strobe beacon capable of 200cd*.
  • Factory programming of user supplied content
    also available.
  • UL approved for general signalling use

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